They designed for easy access for arrivals and quick departures. Never for comfort that’s only for those who travel 1st class but like the rest of us we have to sit around at the airport lounge waiting for our next flight announced in the comfort of our single seats.

Economy class - Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Directional Signage

A few months back i waited for my interconnecting flight from Doha to Shanghai. I had my trusted camera with me and took a few shots at the airport after walking around in circles. Only in the early hours of the morning when things settle down the hustle and bustle takes a back seat to assemble a make shift bed for a few hours sleep.

Easily identified yet unique in design with symbols taken from local area

Then again it’s always cool to marvel at the amazing architecture of Hong Kong international airport too when sitting around for your next flight.

Airport seating - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport

Doha Airport

Most airport have certain key design features:
Standard International graphic icons
Graphic icons that transcends different cultures. Easily identified yet unique in design with symbols taken from local area.

Clean and simple directional signs
When searching for departure gate 24B is nowhere. Can create chaos when directional signs are not clearly understood. Or miss interpreted so design need functional and be unique. I worked in Oman at Ras Al Jinz Scientific Research Centre in Oman. Where i designed internal directional signage for the Research Centre.

Qatar, Doha International airport



San serif typeface:
Few typeface have the easily recognizable font of Helvetica but that we can’t experiment with differing hype designs one that used exclusive for directional signs.

Uncomfortable seats.
If u consider to wait for your next flight I find airport lounge seating badly designed they starts getting uncomfortable to sit in after a few hours worst to catch a nap on.

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