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I was commissioned to develop a brand identity and design the interior for a client who wanted to establish a café named Xavier. The initial step involved creating a concept mood board that encapsulated the essence of the café. The vision was to infuse the space with a charming French style, incorporating elements such as deco and a sophisticated mood. The overall theme revolved around French-inspired décor, accentuated by the timeless elegance of black and white stripes.


Since this project was still in the concept phase, it was important to consider various ideas and integrate them into a comprehensive presentation. This presentation would serve as a means to showcase the vision of the café to potential investors. The client would need to present a cohesive and compelling narrative, combining elements such as the French-inspired theme, deco influences, and the timeless charm of black and white stripes. By effectively conveying these ideas, they aimed to generate interest and secure investment for their café venture.

Uncapped Fibre Deal Ad:

Exterior illustration

Interior illustration




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