With the tourism industry set to double in the next few years throughout South Africa, the client – already with years of experience in tourism industry in and around the Western Cape – decided to start a specialized ‘touring’ company.

cleverly position its unique tours in the highly competitive market

With their introduction of specialized, exclusive and highly unique package tours, the client was able to challenge the local tourism industry, which had become rather stale and repetitive over the years. CLMT hence needed to cleverly position its unique tours in the highly competitive market; essentially communicating their tours as a unique experience. Their brand was positioned as a trustworthy player in the market that truly connects with its target market, believes in putting their clients first and offers exciting custom-packaged tours for their local and overseas market alike.

BrandVerse strategically assisted CLMT throughout their brand activation period and shaped their brand identity through the use of vibrant colours in line with the client’s aspirations to be an ‘all-year-round summer tour operator’.

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