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After successfully operating the business for a significant period and experiencing growth within its core operations, the client recognized that their branding had not kept pace with the business’s evolution. They felt the need to align their brand identity with their expanding opportunities and enhance the perception of their brand. To address this, the client decided to undertake a comprehensive business brand strategy, which involved a complete rebranding of their company. This strategic initiative aimed to revitalize their brand image, attract new business opportunities, and align their brand with the current and future direction of the company.


In order to expand the brand’s visual identity and product brand names, it became crucial to incorporate professional-looking images that would captivate customers with a promise of 100% quality. The foundation of this approach was built upon the concept of real food, ensuring that every aspect of the brand reflected honesty and integrity. By emphasizing transparent communication about real food, the brand established a strong and proportionate presence that resonated with its audience.

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