Project Info

Reckitt Hygiene

Client: Finish

In wash cleaner


People aren’t currently purchasing In-Wash Cleaner primarily because they do not understand the benefit of the product, they have never considered it/didn’t know it existed, or feel that their machine doesn’t need it.
The biggest consumer pain points are pots/pans and cooking dishes don’t clean well, food residue is left in the dishwasher, unpleasant odour and grease transfer.
Consumer needs are both functional (dishes/machine is clean and fresh, dishes are disinfected, no product residues left behind) and emotional (making life easier, freeing up time, helping feel in control of household)
We need to increase awareness of Finish Additive IWC 3+1 and the benefit of the +1 tab extra
Comms target is increased penetration and winning back market share

Multiple owners.

Work done on the campaign includes creating artwork and (iconography) for animation alongside Creative Director and Motion Graphics Designer. Best practice when the supply of various sizes and resized artwork content for social media platforms. 

Know: FB/Insta 1080 x1080 

Static banners for web

HalfPage Banner 300×600

Mobile Banner 300×250

Skyscraper Banner 160×600

Leader board Banner 728×90

Dynamic banners for web

Halfpage Banner 300×600

Mobile Banner 300×250

Skyscraper Banner 160×600

leaderboard Banner 728×90

Mobile Banner 320×50

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