Project Info

J&B Cameroon Nightology Campaign

Client: J&B


To bring J&B Nightology Global campaign in Cameroon. We first needed to consumers to interact with the brand in a unique and interesting way and secondary to increase bottles purchased.


This goal was achieved by creating unique promotions within an on-con environments. Special J&B Nightology events with a strong brand present, interesting P.O.S, activities using promoters, the BOOK OF THE NIGHT and an integrated radio promotion to drive excitement on air. Helped create interest among consumers converting them into loyal customers and made the brand apart of their lifestyle which increase J&B whisky consumption in Cameroon.

Campaign Collateral

P.O.S campaign, Radio campaign, Print ads, J&B Events, Promotional mechanics, inflatable chillout room

Multiple owners.

with copywriter

J&B Nightology logo

J&B logo campaign


Nightology Posters

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