Project Info

Reckitt Hygiene

Client: Sagrotan

24hr Protection


Develop assets for two control cells that target Young Families and Mature Families across the following routes:

1. Disinfection

2. Cleaning

Understand which of the two routes performs better (VTR, CTR) for Sagrotan 24 hr Protection Trigger.



They are existing users / familiar with liquid electricals. They chose LE because they remove odor and freshen up the house. It is used as a preventive method, especially in dining areas and bathrooms. We know that incentivizing trials is crucial for driving sales.

Multiple owners.

Work done on the campaign includes creating artwork and (iconography) for animation alongside Creative Director and Motion Graphics Designer. Best practice when the supply of various sizes and resized artwork content for social media platforms. 

Know: FB/Insta 1080 x1080 

 Amazon Static Banners

Amazon Static Skyscraper Banner 300×600

Amazon Static Skyscraper Banner  300×250

Amazon Static Skyscraper Banner 160×600

Amazon static Leaderboard Banner 414×150​

Amazon static 414×150​

THINK Static Thumbnail 1080×1080

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