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Reckitt Hygiene

Client: Sagrotan

Antibacterial Detergent


Sagrotan Laundry Detergent (powerful clean + odour elimination) needs to be differentiated from Sagrotan Laundry Sanitizer (powerful germ-kill solution). Both products play an important role for the consumer.

Smell in laundry is an issue for consumers but they are not aware of the connection between bad smell and the presence of odour causing bacteria as germs in the laundry are not always top of mind, and even when they are many consumers believe that their current laundry routine, including their detergent, kills germs in the wash. What they don’t know is that normal laundry detergents aren’t designed to remove bacteria from their laundry specially when washing at low temperatures so washed clothes still have bacteria on them which lead to bad smells.



They are existing users / familiar with liquid electricals. They chose LE because they remove odor and freshen up the house. It is used as a preventive method, especially in dining areas and bathrooms. We know that incentivizing trials is crucial for driving sales.



Product features:

Radiant cleaning: powerfully removes stains and dirt
Hygienic freshness: removes 99.9% of odour causing bacteria
Protects: gentle to textiles


Multiple owners.

Work done on the campaign includes creating artwork and (iconography) for animation alongside Creative Director and Motion Graphics Designer. Best practice when the supply of various sizes and resized artwork content for social media platforms. 

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