Project Info

 Telkom Account Pitch Creative

Client:  Telkom


The overarching concept activates in retail where we will be employing a complete purchase decision journey across various media types – both traditional and contextual.

The focus of the retail campaign is to highlight the hero deal, with a strong call to action. The tone and the character will also pull through to allow for higher recall and consistency…


The shopper marking experience was part of a pitch for Telkom Account. Through intense creative solving solutions we won the business for Geometry Global. In the process of making it one of the largest business accounts won for the business.

Multiple owners.

Across creative departments

Uncapped Fibre Deal Ad:

Uncapped Fibre Magazine Deal Ad:

Uncapped Fibre Brochure Deal:

Inside Uncapped Fibre Brochure Deal.

Shopping Mall:

The digital extension of the campaign is designed to smooth the transition from awareness to purchase. Digitally, we will place messaging at relevant touch-points, while in the real world, we will incorporate dynamic links to digital sales tools. We can apply this functionality to banners, encouraging movement from awareness to consideration.

Lift branding

Telkom Store:

Keep up to date by download the latest Telkom brochure deals.

Experience Stages:

Experience the freedom of fibre with Telkom Fibre Sofa Challenge. Have as many friends you want on your Home fibre network.

Experience Stages:

When you connect to the Telkom Fibre Sofa Challenge you need to first read through the Fibre deals available at Telkom.

Activation stores:

The freedom of Uncapped Telkom Fibre demonstrated through four connections Netflix Stream, Online Gaming, shopping online and Skype.

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