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Reckitt Hygiene

Client: Vanish 0%


Vanish is launching a new laundry-booster exclusively with Tesco called Vanish Oxi Action 0%.
It caters to consumers who are concerned about the chemical compositions of everyday household products and scrutinise ingredients.
This product is free from dyes, phosphates and fragrances but still delivers excellent multi-power results.


Parents today entered adulthood at a time of rapid and society-wide technological change. They represent an engaged tech audience, with higher-than-average use of social media. For many mums, this includes Internet forums and social media which are key sources of advice, especially when it comes to what to buy.



Produce the following assets for Facebook (1×1, 9×16)

1. KNOW asset (10s video): awareness and education
2. THINK asset (6s video): consideration to purchase
We need a hard stain or smelly/muddy moment + demo + celebration moment.


Multiple owners.

Work done on the campaign includes creating artwork, storyboards  for animation alongside Creative Director and Motion Graphics Designer. Best practice when the supply of various sizes and resized artwork content for social media platforms.

Instagram IG Stories 1920 x1080 

Instagram post 1080 x1080 

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